Female pharmacist on the phone taking notes with medications on shelves behind her.Altruix prioritizes access to medications and specialized care leading to time savings for staff

ANNAPOLIS, Md.Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Terrapin Pharmacy, located in Annapolis, MD, today announced that it is changing its name to Altruix. Altruix consists of the combined operations of the now former Terrapin Pharmacy, Bank’s Apothecary, and Altruix in Lancaster (formerly Ganse Apothecary), serving over 23,000 customers across 23 states. By combining three local, independent pharmacy organizations, Altruix is able to offer access to expanded personalized pharmacy services and more behavioral health, substance use disorder (SUD), and intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) medications.

Altruix in Annapolis was founded in 2005 with a unique mission––compassionate care that allows individuals with complex physical and behavioral health issues to live a more independent life by simplifying the medication management process for both individuals and their healthcare providers. Under the Altruix name, the Annapolis location will continue to offer authentic and caring services and cutting-edge technology, including the patented Medherent device.

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