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Can the individuals you serve access and adhere to their medications?

Can the individuals you serve access and adhere to their medications?

Mental health prescriptions cost the US healthcare system $62 billion in 2020. That $62 billion doesn’t help anyone if people struggle to take their medications as prescribed. That’s where Altruix comes in.

If you are a behavioral health or intellectual & developmental disability provider, we can help you by

  • Filling all medications, not just behavioral health prescriptions
  • Offering financial assistance and hardship programs to the individuals you serve
  • Delivering free and fast
  • Synchronizing each person’s medications to one monthly delivery
  • Providing proactive refill management
  • Helping individuals access hard-to-find medications

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Altruix provides value-added services that improve health outcomes and lower costs.*

medication adherence
lower ER & hospital costs
fewer emergency room visits

*Outcomes validated in a University of Maryland study for Medherent, Altruix’s medication adherence platform.

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Break Down Barriers

Break Down Barriers

More than ever, the individuals you serve need access to affordable treatment. Unfortunately, costly medications, poor insurance coverage, restrictive payer formularies, and low provider reimbursement rates make it difficult for people to access the treatment they need.

Altruix breaks down barriers to help individuals access the treatment they need. We work hard to ensure safe, effective medication management. When you work with Altruix, your care team can have peace of mind that the individuals you serve are on the right medications at the right time.

The Care
People Deserve

The Care People Deserve

Large pharmacies treat the individuals you serve like a number. We believe they deserve better.

As a local, independent pharmacy, we are their neighbors. You have our assurance that no one will take better care of them than we will.

  • Local, independent pharmacy with a focus on personalized care
  • Support to navigate clients to financial assistance
  • Faster fill times for prescribers
  • Access to more limited distribution drugs
  • Reduced medication errors and staff time spent on medication
  • Flexible packaging options
  • Synchronized medication refills
  • Assistance with prior authorization