Congrats to our two URAC-accredited specialty pharmacy teams in Lancaster, PA, and Trevose, PA. Both pharmacies were recognized as 2023 Pioneers in URAC’s Leaders in Performance Measurement (LPM) recognition program. Our Lancaster location was recognized as a Specialty Pharmacy leader and our Trevose location was recognized as Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy leader. These awards demonstrate Altruix’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Going above and beyond

URAC holds its accredited pharmacies to stringent standards to ensure individuals served receive the best possible pharmacy care. Our URAC-accredited pharmacies meet URAC’s standards in addition to other national accreditation standards (The Joint Commission and Accreditation Commission for Health Care) and go above and beyond to lead the country in service to patients and providers.

URAC measured our Lancaster and Trevose pharmacies on the following measures required for accreditation:

  • Communication & Care Coordination
  • Distribution Accuracy
  • Dispensing Accuracy
  • Time to Fill and Dispense

In all measures, our Lancaster and Trevose Specialty Pharmacy teams exceeded the standards required by URAC for accreditation. Additionally, both pharmacies went above and beyond, participating in additional non-required measures, complaint response timeliness and overall customer satisfaction. Both pharmacies maintained high complaint response time and high customer satisfaction.

Person-centered and outcomes-driven

Altruix specializes in serving individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses, substance use disorders, or intellectual and developmental disabilities. This vulnerable and often underserved population needs a pharmacy committed to the highest standards of care. Our team’s responsive communication with both individuals served and their caregivers helps them access their prescriptions quickly. We work to break down insurance barriers like prior authorizations, financial barriers with financial hardship programs, and adherence barriers with easy-to-use packaging.

A pharmacy providers can count on

Our specialty pharmacy teams’ performance in communication and care coordination, accurate deliveries, accurate dispensing, and turnaround time also demonstrates the work we do to support providers. In a day and age when workforce shortages plague providers, pharmacy partners need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Our commitment to service means that our provider partners can count on us to reduce the administrative burden on provider staff by supporting the prior authorization process and streamlining medication management.

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