Christy Rosado

President, Long-Term Care Pharmacy & Chief Marketing Officer

Christy RosadoPresident, Long-Term Care Pharmacy & Chief Marketing Officer


Christy Rosado joined Altruix in 2022 as President, Long-Term Care Pharmacy & Chief Marketing Officer. In her role, Christy is responsible for oversight of the long-term care pharmacy operation and market positioning. She has over 25 years of experience in the pharmacy industry, with the past 12 years focused on behavioral health pharmacy.

Christy began her career in 1994 as store manager for CVS Pharmacy. From 1998 to 2010, she worked for Rite Aid Pharmacy, holding several positions including Training Store Manager, Regional Trainer, Front End Supervisor, Regional Pharmacy Recruiter, District Manager and Pharmacy District Manager.

Her most recent position prior to Altruix was as Senior Vice President of Sales for Genoa Healthcare, a United Healthcare – OptumRx company. Before her departure from Genoa, she led growth for the organization from 40 pharmacies to over 600 locations.

Christy’s strong leadership skills have propelled her through a successful career, but it’s her passion for connecting with people and delivering on Altruix’s mission that truly makes a lasting impact. Her own personal experience has resulted in her love for the community Altruix serves. In the words of her favorite Bryan Adam’s song, “Everybody needs somebody.”

Christy graduated from Danville Community College in 1991, majoring in Marketing.