Pharmacies play a crucial role as part of the care team in handling medication orders, changes, and dispensing, contributing to accurate medication management. As an independent pharmacy, Altruix provides unique options to personalize care to each individual, fill medications fast, and deliver quickly.

Altruix specializes in behavioral health, allowing us to customize how we provide care to individuals with complex conditions. Our approach empowers individuals to take their medications and reduces the burden of medication administration on provider staff. When pharmacists are part of the care team, they provide an extra level of support that helps individuals and providers alike.

  • Effective Coordination: Pharmacists can coordinate the prior authorization process, work with labs, and collaborate with other members of the care team to help individuals get their medications when they need them.
  • Improved Medication Adherence: Individuals can take their medications at the right dose and at the right time, thanks to user-friendly adherence solutions like roll packs and Medherent.
  • Increased Independence: Individuals can gain newfound independence as they manage their medication on their own. Our Medherent technology gives care teams data and insights to help them rest easy that their clients are taking their medications.
  • Reduced Errors: Our streamlined processes, care team support, and innovative technology work together to reduce medication errors.

Committed, compassionate caregivers, medication adherence technology, and practical solutions can all work together to address medication-related challenges in behavioral health care.

Partner with Altruix to transform medication management for the people you serve.

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