Rena Jiang

Rena Jiang, PharmD, Author at Altruix


Rena Jiang is a registered pharmacist who received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree with an Area of Concentration in Pharmacy Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh. She has a demonstrated history of leadership with organizations such as Amnesty International and TEDx and currently serves as the Altruix Specialty Pharmacy Director of Operations. In her current role, Rena is responsible for ensuring her team relentlessly pursues solutions to overcome the barriers typically associated with specialty medications for behavioral health and intellectual and developmental disability populations. The term “specialty pharmacy” has often become synonymous with descriptors such as “challenging”, “complex”, and sometimes even “impossible”. Rena believes that accessing medications should not be difficult for any patient, especially those who are vulnerable to social determinants of health. She and her team creatively work to advocate for and find a way to say “yes” to those who need it the most.